• Mpls St. Paul Magazine, August 2011

Critic Quick Picks: Philip Dorwart: Egg, Cheddar and Bacon Biscuit @ Colossal Cafe

  • Metro Magazine, January 2009

The Twin Cities Best Breakfast Spots:  “The ultimate egg sandwich.  Our first stop is always Colossal Café.

Pancakes:  “There’s something special at the tiny Colossal Café where the ‘flappers’ are so yeasty and savory that they make sandwiches out of them.”

  • Star Tribune, December 2008, Rick Nelson

“A heat-and-serve chicken pot pie; dullsville, right?  Not in the hands of Bess Giannakakis…who does the classic comfort-food dish proud.”

  • Star Tribune, May 2008

The Taste 50, “Flappers…that rise on Bess Giannakakis’ well-seasoned griddle at her Colossal Café.

  • Minnesota Monthly, April 2008

“….the puffy flip pancake is one of the best breakfast in town.”

  • City Pages, April 2008, James Norton

“The CC cakes are things of wonder – fluffy and elegant.  And the brie?  A righteous note of brilliance.”

  •, April 2008

Breakfasts That Bite Back:  “Scone and Omelet.  One place capable of pulling off a bad-ass breakfast is Colossal Café, a tiny little spot with giant flavor.”

  • Metro Magazine, March 2008

The Egg Guys:  “How an eatery the size of your home’s mudroom became a near-legend can only be explained by way of a scratch kitchen done right.”

  • Minnesota Monthly, December 2007

Best of the Twin Cities:  “Pancakes.  The flappers are the café’s signature yeast pancakes, which run….to an apple, walnuts and Brie delight…”

  • The Rake, October 2007, Jeremy Iggers

“But chef-owner Bess Giannakakis is serious about her food, billed as “American scratch cooking with a European twist,”

  • MARosko’s Posts, Online Comments, April 2007

“I ordered a breakfast sandwich on one of their homemade biscuits.  Oh…my…God.  So good.”

  • Lavender, July 2007, Kristin Jones

“…hearty, wicked-good straightforward food.”

  • Minnesota Monthly, January 2007, Sue Z

“One of my favorite breakfast spots is the tiny, 15-seat Colossal Café.”

  • Star Tribune, December 2006, Rick Nelson

’06 The Year of Thinking Differently:  “Chef/Owner Bess Giannakakis lightened up some of the city’s best pancakes with yeast, and the tangy results are so good they almost don’t need maple syrup.”

  • Mpls-St.Paul Magazine, November 2006, Steven Brown

“Owner and chef Bess Giannakakis’s expertly prepared from-scratch food is delicious…..”

  • Star Tribune, May 2006, Rick Nelson

“You’ll flip for the “Flappers”, a light yeast-based pancake.”

  • Longfellow/Nokomis Messenger, October 2005, Restaurant Rosie

“If you haven’t experienced the food at the Colossal Café, stop in for a trip through culinary heaven.”

  • Star Tribune, September 2005, Jeremy Iggers

“Small kitchens, big talents.”

  •, Online Comments, 2011

“Bacon, cream cheese and green onion omelet.  Stellar!!  Great, toothy bread for toast and crispy hash-browns.”

“I can honestly say that I have never once in my life ordered a pork sandwich;  when it comes to the pig, I’m more of a bacon advocate.  However, this rosemary, lemon, garlic, white wine marinated loin served on a baguette with rosemary aioli I had to try.  I’d been eating vegan for the past two weeks, this was my big meat/dairy splurge day, so the pressure was on.  The verdict?  I ate every last bite.”

  • TripAdvisor, Online Comments, 2008

“Not for those on a diet.”

  • Pancakeology, Online Comments, April 2008

“Flappers are yeast leavened and once you’ve had them, you’ll scoff at baking powder.”

  •, Online Comments, 2008

“Egg sandwiches…rule.  Scones…rule.  Rolls…rule.”

“5 stars?  More like a million stars.”

“The people working were really friendly….and the food was amazzzzinnngg.”

“I love this place, food MUST be tasted-yummy ingredients, SUPER chef.”

  • The Twin Cities Breakfast Blog, May 2007

“I had the perfect hash brown at this quiet, little, overcrowded, family-owned business…and all I want to do now is shout it from the rooftops of the world.  The perfect potato.”

  •, February 2007, Peter Kastler

“….the café represents what might be the start of a minor trend in Minneapolis: formally trained chefs and cooks taking on small, classic diners, making them their own and churning out delicious diner food.”

  • Twin Cities Eats, Online Comments, January 2007

“The Huevos Rancheros were incredible.”

“Colossal Café is a true gem.”

  •, December 2006. Cassandra

“The Colossal Café occupies a teeny, tiny space in the physical universe, but a huge place in the culinary universe.  Look for take out items for dinner in the case at the counter – if there is a chicken pot pie, you must purchase one to take home, or your life will not be complete.”

  • C Two MN Foodies, Online Comments, December 2006

“What we’re looking forward to and hoping for in 2007….Keeping the Colossal Café our South Minneapolis secret.”

  • Two MN Foodies, Online Comments, July 2006

“Colossal Café is a gem of a breakfast and lunch spot in South Minneapolis.”

  • The Rake, Online Reader Comments, April 2006

“What a fabulous little place.”

“Quality ingredients prepared with thought and creativity, generous portions, very reasonable prices and friendly staff.”

  • School Assignment: 5th Grade Writing, October 2005, Dylan Leavitt-Phibbs,

“The Colossal Café is a cute, interesting, tiny, delicious, artsy, local and awesome little restaurant/café.  I am proud to have it in my neighborhood.”

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